Anal Gland Disease in Cats

Most dog owners are aware of anal gland disease and the need to bring their pets into a veterinarian to have ‘their glands squeezed’. Unfortunately, this problem often goes unrecognized in cats because the cats rarely show the classic signs of licking and scooting. The cat habit of hiding their health problems means they all to […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Dental Fracture In Dogs

Pictured below is the right side of a dog’s mouth. During her annual exam, I noticed an abnormality on her upper fourth premolar called a slab fracture. Part of the enamel had fractured away from the rest of the tooth exposing the pulp cavity. The gingival tissue is still attached which holds it in place. With […]

Injection-Site Sarcomas in Cats

“Cats are not small dogs,” is a saying used in veterinary medicine to capture the uniqueness of the feline species. It helps us remember that treatments used for dogs may not be suitable for cats. One unique feature of cats is how they react to anything placed under their skin. When medications, nonabsorbable suture and microchips […]