You Make The Diagnosis: Is This A Wild Or Domestic Cat?

Pictured below is a handsome cat named Cheetah.  He was a little shy at first but awfully nice.  It turns out he is a very sweet fellow.  Although to some he might look like a wild feline, his family tree includes only domestic cats.  According to the Cat Fanciers Association, this breed is a mix of Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair.  The CFA recognizes twelve different color varieties.  Name this rare breed of cat.

Diagnosis:  Ocicat

Ocicats have beautiful, wild markings that make them look like ocelots . . . hence the name.  But don’t let this name fool you.  They make wonderful pets and can be taught to fetch, walk on a leash and respond to verbal commands.  In my experience, ocicats like company from humans, cats and even dogs.  If you work from home, this is a good breed for you.


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Dr. Kristen Nelson grew up on a farm in Watertown, Minn., where she developed a deep love for animals of all kinds. She received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine. Kris then completed a small-animal internship at the prestigious Animal Medical Center in New York City. In addition to writing and speaking, she cares for small and exotic animals in Scottsdale, Az. Dr. Nelson is widely quoted in the media. Her credits include Ladies’ Home Journal, USA TODAY, the Los Angeles Times and numerous radio and television interviews. Dr. Nelson has written two books, Coated With Fur: A Vet’s Life and Coated With Fur: A Blind Cat’s Love. Kris and her husband Steve share their home with rescued cats, birds and a dog.

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