You Make The Diagnosis: Dog Iris Abnormality

Pictured below is a closeup of the right eye of a dog. Look closely at the eye and then answer the following questions: Name the abnormal structure found in this eye. Will this condition cause problems? What breeds of dogs are most commonly affected? Diagnosis: Iridociliary (Uveal) Cyst Iridociliary cysts are pigmented transparent structures which occur in […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Cat Lower Jaw Problem

When I perform a physical examination on a cat, I try to open their mouth to check their teeth. I say ‘try’ because some cats absolutely refuse to give me a look inside. I hold the upper jaw (maxilla) with one hand and then gently apply pressure to the lower jaw (mandible) to open the mouth. When […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Owner Thinks This Cat Is In Pain

A client brought their 8 month old female kitten in for an examination because they thought she hurt her back. Two days ago, Blackie (not her real name) started arching her back and meowing loudly. Sometimes, she rolled around on the floor as if she couldn’t get comfortable. The behavior continued all day and all […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Dog With Tooth Problem

During every exam, I always analyze the teeth and look for signs of periodontal disease, malocclusion, masses or other dental problems. When I opened this dog’s lips, the left side of his mouth was normal but the right side had a serious problem. Study the image and answer the following questions: Which tooth is abnormal? What […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Orthopedic Condition in Dogs

There are many orthopedic conditions in dogs that have a genetic basis. Pictured below are the front legs of a mixed breed dog. This happy-go-lucky guy has a unique confirmation of his front legs. Study the image and then answer the following questions: 1) What is the name of this condition? 2) What breed is […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Cloudy Eyes in a Dog

Several months ago, I performed an annual exam on a lovely Chihuahua mix.  This handsome boy let me look in his mouth, listen to his heart and feel his abdomen. Look at the picture below and then answer the following questions: What is wrong with this dog’s eyes? Does it affect his vision? List some […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Dental Problem In A Puppy

When I perform an examination on a puppy, I look closely at their mouth because puppies are prone to several painful dental problems.  Some of these are inherited which may get the puppy removed from breeding programs. Pictured below is the right side of a 10 week old large breed puppy. This little guy came in for vaccinations […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Heart Condition In Newfoundland Dogs

One of my favorite duties as a veterinarian is performing puppy examinations. I love to play with the puppy and feed them treats, especially during vaccinations. I try to make it a good experience to prevent a long term fear of veterinarians. Part of the exam includes a careful auscultation of the chest to listen […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Common Skin Conditions In Bull Terriers

Bull terriers are a fun breed, full of personality. Unfortunately, they are prone to a few skin problems. Name the most common skin conditions seen in this breed. Thankfully, this cute little puppy had healthy skin. Diagnosis: Mange caused by the demodex mite. (I see this mite causing problems in puppies from many breeds). Solar […]