You Make The Diagnosis: Paw Problem In A Dog

Pictured below is the front paw of a dog. The dog licked the top of his paw repeatedly. The constant licking turned the hair an abnormal brown color. He refused to let his family look at his paw. When I parted his hair, I found a large inflamed lesion that was the size of a dime.  Below is a close up of the paw. Study it closely then answer the following questions: 1) What is the common name of this lesion? 2) What are the most common causes?

Paw cyst

Diagnosis: Interdigital Cyst

Possible causes of lesions like this include inflammatory cyst caused by an insect bite or foreign body, abscess (infection), allergies or growths that can be cancerous. The dog had surgery to remove the lump. A long thin foreign body was found lodged inside.  He made a complete recovery.


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