National Veterinary Technicians Week begins October 15th.

Happy Veterinary Technicians Week!

October 15th through the 21st is National Veterinary Technicians Week, a time to celebrate the hard-working men and women who take care of our beloved pets. Veterinary technicians require training in a variety of areas in order to do their jobs. Here’s are partial list of all the things they do:

  • Radiology – Take dental and whole body X-rays
  • Surgical Assistance – Set up the operating room, help the veterinarians during surgery and clean-up after surgery is done
  • Anesthesia – Monitor patients during surgery
  • Record Keeping – Controlled substances, medical notes, etc.
  • Laboratory – Collect and process samples
  • Client Education – Help people care for their pets
  • Maintain & Sterilize Equipment
  • Assist Veterinarians – Restrain animals for exams, blood draws and treatments
  • Administer Treatments – Give injections, clean wounds and a variety of other things
  • Phlebotomy – Draw blood for testing and place intravenous catheters for treatments
  • Comfort Patients – This is the most important job of a veterinary technician. When pets come into the hospital, they are often frightened. Veterinary technicians provide a soothing voice and soft touch to reassure the scared patient. Many pets will pick one of the technicians as their substitute ‘mom or dad’. I know it is surprising, but dogs and cats rarely pick the veterinarian for this role!

Thank you for dedicating your lives to helping animals. To my technicians, I am so grateful for all three of you.  Veterinary technicians are the best!