Dog With Mast Cell Tumor Responding To Masitinib Mesylate

Last week, I wrote about a dog named Molly suffering from Mast Cell cancer. The cancer spread all over her body making surgical removal impossible. She had large tumors in her chest that made it difficult for her to breathe. The cancer spread to multiple locations on her skin including one large tumor under her right eye.  I started treating her with a drug called masitinib mesylate (Kinavet-CA1)  and asked everyone to send good wishes to Molly.

I am happy to report that it is working! The tumor under her eye has shrunk dramatically. Here are the before and after pictures. The image on the left was taken on the first day of treatment. The image on the right was taken on the 17th day of treatment.

Molly pic09132015Molly A 10.01.2015

Molly is also breathing better. Other than the masitinib mesylate, she hasn’t needed any treatments for fluid accumulation in her chest for four days. Molly has been enjoying life, without any unwanted side effects. Here’s another picture of her eye that shows how much the tumor has shrunk.

Molly B 10.01.2015

While we can’t know what the future holds, it is encouraging that she has responded to treatment so well.


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