Comment on Taming Feral Cats

Trapped 3 feral kittens 11 weeks old.Kept them in cage 1 week before shots/spayed.1 week after all kittens will eat in front of me (in the cage).and allow me to pick them up and pet them.The male is the biggest already tame, he growls at the others when they are eating. One girl hisses when i go to pick her up.The other girl hisses every time I come near the cage and doesn’t tolerate being held long.She bit me once and I seperated her from the others one night. The boy has been sticking is head out when the door is open.I have two other cats who come in the ferals room and they don’t seem to mind them. Last night I left the cage doors open but the door shut. I feel like they are not getting enough exersize in the cage.I plan to let them loose in the room for about a week before letting my other two have contact with them. I don’t have a lot of time to spend with them three days a week. I was wondering if I should still not leave wet food in room when I leave. And will my other two help with the taming. Thease are my first ferals.

Published by kristennelsondvm

Dr. Kristen Nelson grew up on a farm in Watertown, Minn., where she developed a deep love for animals of all kinds. She received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine. Kris then completed a small-animal internship at the prestigious Animal Medical Center in New York City. In addition to writing and speaking, she cares for small and exotic animals in Scottsdale, Az. Dr. Nelson is widely quoted in the media. Her credits include Ladies’ Home Journal, USA TODAY, the Los Angeles Times and numerous radio and television interviews. Dr. Nelson has written two books, Coated With Fur: A Vet’s Life and Coated With Fur: A Blind Cat’s Love. Kris and her husband Steve share their home with rescued cats, birds and a dog.