Comment on Taming Feral Cats

Update on feral kittens.Now they are out of the cage, in their own room.One comes to eat when I am in the room the others watch me. None are approaching me.But they don’t run and hide now.When I move around too much they run back to the cage. While there they will let me pick them up and pet them.I trapped the last kitten of the litter.I had her spayed yesterday.I left her in a room to herself over night. Today i put her in the room with her litter mates, I thought it would help her be less afraid.The male thats comes out to eat and seems to be the most inquisitive, kept going over to the cage and smelling it. Do you think they recognize each other after being separated about 5 weeks? How long do you think I should wait before letting her out with the rest?
I am hoping she’ll catch up with the rest of them.They are about four to four and a half months old now.Thanks Barb

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