You Make The Diagnosis: What is special with this dog’s vulva?

Last week, I had the privilege of examining a darling Beagle.  She stood patiently on the table for me while I looked in her eyes, ears, mouth and listened to her heart.  When I parted the lips of her vulva to look into her vagina, I encountered something unexpected.  Please examine the picture below then answer the following questions:  What condition does this dog have?  What is the pink structure protruding through the vulva?

Diagnosis:  Hermaphrodite with Os Clitoris

This girl is hermaphrodite which means she is actual a boy as well as a girl.  The structure sticking out of her vulva is an os clitoris which translates as a bone clitoris.  I think of it as a rudimentary penis.  She also had testicles that were combined with ovaries in her abdomen.  So she was spayed and neutered all at the same time!


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