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On this post I would like to highlight the work of a wonderful animal rescue group for horses; Saddlebred Rescue located in Hardwick, New Jersey.  Saddlebred Rescue is a verified member of the global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.  This organization buys horses from livestock sales that would otherwise be sold for meat to Canada or Mexico.  I was surprised to learn that American Saddlebreds are a favorite of the Amish community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  As you probably know, most Amish are prohibited from using automobiles so they rely on horses for transportation.  When the horse is unable to perform their duties, they are sold at a livestock sale in New Holland.  I was disheartened to learn that after serving the community for years, this is often the next step for these horses.  I would hope they could remain on the farms where they so faithfully served.  Nonetheless, it is good that Saddlebred Rescue is available to provide the retirement these horses deserve.   

Once the horses arrive at North Wind Stables/Saddlebred Rescue they are quarantined and provided with medical care.  An extensive evaluation process begins to discover what are each horse’s abilities.  Do they have good ground manners?  Are they good under saddle?  Do they prefer driving?  After determining their strengths and weaknesses, including any chronic physical problems, the matchmaking process begins with the goal of placing each horse with the perfect adopter. 

More information, including pictures, may be found at  I hope you will take the time to visit this site and learn about the wonderful work they are doing with horses.  Below, are the before and after pictures of Baby Girl.  Thanks to the folks at Saddlebred Rescue, she has a wonderful home with a woman who adores her.  You can read more about Baby Girl under the testimonial button.

Baby Girl May 3, 2011 upon her arrival at Saddlebred Rescue

Baby Girl July, 29, 2011 at her new home.  Her transformation is nothing short of amazing! 

If you would like to contribute to the amazing work at Saddlebred Rescue, please go to

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