Canadian Veterinarians Observe Illness In Dogs Fed Chicken Jerky Treats

This week, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association alerted the American Veterinary Medical Association about potential problems associated with some chicken jerky treats manufactured in China.  The brand names were not included.   Veterinarians in Ontario, Canada have observed Fanconi-like signs in dogs including vomiting, anorexia, lethargy, increased thirst and increased urination.  The real Fanconi Syndrome is an inherited kidney condition observed in Basenjis, Norwegian Elkhounds, Shetland sheepdogs and Schnauzers.  Toxins that affect the proximal tubules of the kidneys mimic this disease.  I saw similar signs in dogs and cats during the 2007 melamine poisonings.  No recalls have been announced in either Canada or the United States at this time.        

I want to thank the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association for sharing this information with us.         

Published by kristennelsondvm

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